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High Country Gardens of Hotchkiss was started in 1989 by Charles and Carolyn James who had just retired from many years with Pan American Seed.  Charles and Carolyn had built the first two greenhouse structures with a store and a warehouse.  They worked hard for five years producing an exceptional product.  The business was incorporated in 1994 as High Country Gardens, Inc.  

Russ and Becky Ochs, purchased High Country Gardens in 1995. At this time the business had a small store and two greenhouses.  Since that time Russ built eight more structures and doubled the size of the store.  Russ Ochs is the sole owner as of 2016. 

Family has played a major role in the growth of High Country Gardens.  Don & Shirley Ochs and Don & Karen Buriff, have put in countless hours through the years helping to make this possible.  My three grown children Erica, Caleb and Landon Ochs have also put in many hours year after year and have been a tremendous help.  Russ' sister Stacy has worked for 15 years.  She is one of our speediest transplanters.  Ruth Smith, a close friend, has worked here since 1995 and has been crucial, if not irreplaceable.  She has helped me in keeping the crew going.  Ruth and I design all the hanging baskets that we have sold over the years. Ruth is now retired and enjoying her family full time.  Thank you Ruth for ALL your help.





We have been growing perennial, annuals, vegetables, herbs, shrubs, roses, fruiting plants, flowering baskets and planters for 20 years.  Our customers, employees and family have been a blessing through the years.

All but a small percentage of our plants are started from seed right here.  The remainder is grown on from rooted cuttings to ensure the plants are acclimated for western Colorado.

High Country Gardens is a seasonal greenhouse open from March 15th to August 20th.  We can be reached by phone January through November if you have any questions or would like to place an order. Please leave a message if you reach the answering machine so we can return your call.  We do not sell over the internet.


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